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Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Company

Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Company, incorporated May 20, 1914, is located in south central South Dakota. The company is a non assessable state mutual insurance company, doing business within the boundaries of the state.

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Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Company is located in the small town of Burke, South Dakota. Our beautiful town has 604 residents who call this place home. We are proud to have many successful local businesses, a K-12 school district, and a booming agriculture industry.

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Serving all our friends and neighbors!

One of the things about a small-knit community is that people take care of each other. At Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Company we will offer you the same care we offer our friends and neighbors.

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Serving all of South Dakota

Although we love the small town we call home, we are grateful that we work with a wide variety of agents all throughout the state of South Dakota. Through these partnerships we have the ability to service customers near and far. To see what Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance can do for you, reach out to an agent in your area.

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Company Values

  • Close, friendly contact with our agency force
  • Fast initial contact with our policyholders when they have a claim
  • Speedy policy processing time
  • Same-day call-back on agency questions
  • Service as our Number One Priority

Company History


May 1st, organized as Rosebud Mutual Insurance Company. $1,138.68 total admitted assets.


The Rosebud Mutual Insurance Company changed name to the Farmers Union Mutual of South Dakota.


The tornado of 1924.


Issued first Automobile policy.


Purchased former Main Street Home Office building.


Company's Charter renewed for another 30 years.


Name changed to Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Company.


Articles of Incorporation amended, enabling the Company to write all insurance lines except life insurance.


Scope of the re-insurance program extended to provide increased policyholder protection and enabling Company to write other lines of insurance.


The tornado and hailstorms of May,1962, and our first Liability and Homeowners policies written.


First Farmowners policies written.


50th year of business - $300,133.29 total admitted assets.


Remodeled Home Office Building.


Enlarged Home Office Building.


First Mobilehomeowners policy written.


Added an IBM 34 computer in April to expand our accounting, policy writing and rating.


Introduced our Farm-Home Pak, giving a discount to those who combine their auto with another line of business.
May 1st – 70th Year of Business - $1,662,826.99 total admitted assets.


Total admitted assets $1,998,387.59; total written premium $1,768,408.00.


75th Year of Business.


May 12th - Dedication of new office facilities.


Direct Bill introduced for all lines.


Spencer Tornado


Total admitted assets $3,466,870.00; total written premium $2,544,683.00.


90th Year of Business.


Total admitted assets $5,885,925.10; total written premium $3,845,584.00.


Total admitted assets $4,819,479.34; total written premium $4,088,039.00.


Total admitted assets $4,774,917.49; total written premium $4,247,907.


Marked Missouri Valley's 100 years of service to its Policyholders.
October 1st we offered Umbrella Limits of $3,000,000.00, $4,000,000,000 and $5,000,000.00.


Office was upgraded. Capital improvements were made to the building after 25 years.
Began a review of our Cyber Security program. Purchased a $3,000,000.00 cyberliability policy and upgraded our security using High Plains Technology. We have changed some procedures and policies.


Updated our computer system to an IBM system - Power 8. Contracted High Plains Technology


A tornado hit our Home Office Building as well as the community of Burke.


Direct Written Premium was $4,847,312.00, Policyholders' Surplus was $3,957,514.33.
The process has begun for a new management system at Missouri Valley using the Cloud.

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Our agents will work with you to create a plan customized to you and your insurance needs.


Missouri Valley Mutual offers competitive rates and a variety of savings discounts for our customers. 

Reliable Coverage

When you work with Missouri Valley Mutual, you can rest assured knowing the things you value most are protected.